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Guild News

Second Raid Team

draike203, Jun 12, 11 11:33 PM.
Recently some guild members have been voicing their concerns about not being able to raid or not being core. Some guildies that aren't core are feeling even forgotten which is not the intention at all for having a strict guild raid core. So to remedy this, I am personally starting a second raid team next week to start on 10 mans (and eventually 20 mans). Now, I want to make it clear that just because our team will not be as strict or hardcore as the first team does not necessarly make this team a second rate team, just a different styled team. I myself am very seasoned in raid leading, with success in end game content raid leading in two different top 10 raiding guilds that I GMed in Warcraft. A few of the guildies that have expressed interest so far are also good players and good people, so our focus will mainly be to have fun while we check out some raid content. So, that being said, if you are currently not core and would like to raid, you can show interest in joining this second team by clicking this link to the forums. Raid times are still to be determined based on availability of the majority. I do ask that your gear be at least good enough to run T2 which isn't asking much for raids and is pretty standard for any end game content. Thx - Lord

Click link to go to team 2 app:

Child's Play Charity

draike203, Apr 28, 11 8:37 AM.
Hi all,

        I have added a tab in our website called Child's Play Charity. If you are curious to what that is, it is a charity that contributors buy video games through (and now even baby and toddler toys) and these items then go to children hospitals (specified items that kids want are listed when you go to contribute). I have been taking part in the charity for awhile now and decided to include our guild support since many members may be interested. No one has to feel obligated to take part, but I wanted to make it easily available for those that do. I have contacted the charity to see if there are other interesting ways that we may be able to get involved through the site and eventually I would like to add contribution incentive in-game. This could mean that players may eventually be rewarded with nice donated or raid drop boe guild bank items through their contribution to the charity. Of course the incentive is for fun and I encourage anyone to take part in the charity regardless of reciprocation. Thx for your time Legend-



Raider Availability

paul.developred, Apr 26, 11 10:32 AM.
To deal with the increasing amount of players contributing souls, we are trying to gather everyone's available times before we start hosting guild raid events with the plan that the maximum amount of people will be able to participate.  Keep in mind by posting these times this in no way locks you into coming for anything, this is just a feeler post to see where we stand.

Follow this link to add your info:
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